The novelty of both B2B branding and social media has made me propose a qualitative and exploratory method. The thesis consists of three major topics:

  • Establishing a framework or guidelines on social media for B2B.
  • Case studies and analysis of successful technological B2B branding campaigns in social media.
  • A qualitative, exploratory study on how a (unnamed for now) company could craft a social media strategy to connect and build relationships with their B2B customers.

An exploratory literature review will be conducted by selecting articles, both scholarly journals, articles, quasi-scientific white papers from B2B social media professionals and appreciated books on the topic of social media. The foundation of the work will be my pre-master thesis written on “B2B Branding Online” whereby complemented with social media a) basics, b) strategy and c) business-to-business.

The conceptual background built on the literature will propose a framework of how a B2B company should enter the social media sphere. Further empirical research on case studies of successful B2B social media stories will be done in order to identify how the proposed framework fits with real life examples, which in turn might lead to revising the framework in the discussion and analysis part.

In the end the thesis will conclude by mapping out B2B companies opportunities and threats in the social media sphere, which will conclude with managerial implications and further research.

Do you this way of researching B2B branding in social media will provide some good results, as well as a good basis for further research on the topic?


Working with digital products and services at SpareBank 1 and SpareBank 1 SMN. Lives in Trondheim, but Vardø born and bred.

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