The report presents the findings from a survey with more than 200 North American B2B companies with annual revenues of $1bn or more. The analysis of the results shows that whilst execs agree upon social media being an important mechanism to communicate with customers, partners and other stakeholders, few have really started leveraging social media to its full potential.

Accenture goes further on to outline recommendations for B2B companies wanting to enter the social media sphere, earlier outlined in the Social Media Management Handbook.

  • Make social media one of the cornerstones of your customer strategy.
  • Move from social media to “social CRM.”
  • Measure social media’s effectiveness.
  • Adopt a highly flexible and iterative approach to social media implementation.
  • Invest in the right technologies.
  • Achieve organizational buy-in.

They further goes on to conclude that there is large opportunities for first-mover advantage for B2B companies in the social media space.

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