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I fancy great products, technology, UX design, and marketing. Product manager in a bank.

Vardø born and bred. Man United fan.

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Kommentar: Hvilke trender blir dominerende innen markedskommunikasjon i 2011?

Sølvi Suongir skrev tidligere denne uken et glimrende blogginnlegg om “Hvilke trender blir dominerende innen markedskommunikasjon i 2011?”. Jeg skulle kommentere med en kommentar i Suongirs blogg, men jeg fikk en melding tilbake fra Google om at innlegget ble for langt – derfor endte det opp her som et blogginnlegg. Det er to ting jeg vil kommentere; sammensmeltingen av begrepet sosiale og digitale medier, og at B2C og B2B slås sammen til B2P.

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Haakon 0 Comments December 17, 2010 Marketing

How to enter the social media space

Social media is important for any company. Period. And I mean any. The extent of the social media involvement does however differ from company to company – and it sure does differ significantly. At the very lowest level  any company should monitor the buzz around their brand, their competitors and their industry. This is the first article in a series which will cover how a company should enter the social media space.

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Haakon 0 Comments October 9, 2010 Marketing

Master Thesis: Social media in B2B branding

The thesis includes four interviews with social media experts, synthesised around brand management for B2B companies, where as the theoretical background is B2B brand management. Thought leaders of social media and branding in the online environment are currently doing their work out in the field, whilst the academics are lagging behind.

In order to shed some light on issues regarding how B2B companies should manage opportunities and challenges in the social media space, this master thesis seeks to address the topic by conducting an exploratory study on how B2B companies can utilise social media to enhance the brand.

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Haakon 11 Comments June 28, 2010 Marketing

Case study: ShipServ

ShipServ designed a social media strategy which evolved around using social media platforms as beacons to drive traffic to their main site, in order to qualify the “readiness to buy” of the visitors by tracking and nurturing them with an automated marketing solution. Whilst their product is an innovative technological service, the target audience are conservative late adopters; the challenge ShipServ faced was solved by creating relationships with their target audience through multiple social networks backed by a high-quality content marketing strategy.

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Haakon 9 Comments June 17, 2010 Marketing Technology

B2B Branding Online: A Literature Review

During the autumn 2009 I conducted a literature review for my pre-diploma work on business-to-business branding online, which in my opinion has implications for how B2B companies could use social media. The main findings of the study suggest that B2B brand strategies should be aligned towards and reinforce the overall business strategy, whilst striving for consistency throughout every customer touch point in order to achieve interactive effects from branding in multiple mediums.

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Haakon 0 Comments May 5, 2010 Marketing