My first post regarding my master thesis is the introduction on the thesis, which title is “B2B branding in social media”.

For two decades the Internet has made a significant impact on everyday life. Information technology has changed everything and is increasingly making businesses more effective. IT changed the rules of the game both in terms of globalization, increased competition, how people work, and how information is shared.

More importantly, the Internet has changed the way people communicate. Where information previously was shared and distributed on paper, telefax, telephone or face-to-face communication the digitalized new world makes it easier to share information and to communicate. The early days of the Internet brought us e-mail, but as the Internet is maturing the growth of the new social media has exploded. Social media connects millions of people whom build relationships online.

Marketing and PR people are embracing these new communication channels, using them to improve the market performance of their business. Research in the field of social media is however limited, mostly because the experts and thought leaders on the topic are professionals doing their work out in the field. By continuously testing and failing these pioneers slowly ploughs through the new fields to create new ventures or leverage new opportunities.

B2B is all about relationships. Even though companies deal with other companies, business people are dealing with other business people. Social media needs to be explored in order to reveal how B2B companies can use these new tools, and how it can be used to build their brand. Research on the subject is important to understand how companies should proceed with social media, and how social media should or could be implemented as a part of a business strategy – or even how companies needs to change in order to cope with social media.

The aim of this master thesis is to provide insights to how business-to-business companies can leverage opportunities in the “social media sphere” to build their B2B brand, by looking at how the frontrunners and thought leaders of social media utilize the new technology.


Working with digital products and services at SpareBank 1 and SpareBank 1 SMN. Lives in Trondheim, but Vardø born and bred.

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