Om Haakon

I’m passionate about building great product teams who create great customer experiences through digital products. My area is product leadership, and I’ve spent my career in the intersection of technology, UX design, marketing, and business strategy.

During the mid 90s the web caught my interest. It started out as a hobby, and I went on to work as a site manager MGON, a media and games network – one of the bubbles that popped during the dot com era. My interest in creating and managing websites led to the founding of a web development company, Arctic Design in 2002. I’ve been working in the digital space since then.

So why this blog?

In the summer of 2010 I graduated from NTNU, finishing my Master of Science in Industrial Economics and Technology Management by writing my master thesis on social media in b2b branding. The thesis was written in the spring 2010 in the wonderful city of Manchester, at various Starbucks outlets (not about Starbucks though) whilst consuming quite a few grande filter coffees.

Sharing thoughts and findings from the research process was the initial reason for starting this blog in the first place – even though there weren’t too many. For that I blame Manchester with all it’s temptations, following Manchester United at home and away being one of them.

After finishing my thesis I started working as a digital business developer at SpareBank 1 SMN and the SpareBank 1 Alliance.

Today I’m working as a head of product and marketing at the Norwegian crowdfunding platform Spleis from SpareBank 1.

If you want to get in touch with me, you can either;