Political satire, Nintendo style: Super Trump Wall

“Do you love politics and patriotism? So do we! Welcome our political patriotism simulator: Super Trump Wall! Learn all about the fascinating politics of good ol’ Donald Trump as he keeps America safe from mexicans!”

So goes the introduction for “Super Trump Wall”, a satirical game where you play Donald Trump. Your objective is to build the wall of Mexico as high as possible, whilst at the same time keeping America safe from Mexicans. In that good old Ninento 8-bit gameplay and graphics. It’s hilarious.

You can enjoy the game in the browser (desktop) or download it for the “real Nintendo 8-bit experience” on your Windows PC.

“Super Trump Wall” is the second game my friend Anders has created after venturing into programming, the first one being “Fists of Zombie”. I expect there is more to come!

Av Haakon

Glad i fantastiske produkter. Har jobbet hele karrieren i tverrsnittet mellom teknologi, strategi, markedsføring og brukeropplevelse. Leder produktutvikling og marked i Spleis. Ellers en fotballglad vardøværing.