https://haakonjensen.no Har jobbet 25 år med digitale produkter i grensesnittet mellom teknologi, strategi, markedsføring og brukeropplevelse. Var med på å starte Spleis, og jobber nå med VM på ski.


30 Stories by Haakon

The future will be written by organizations who know you so well that they anticipate your needs

The future won’t be written by banks and marketing organizations that are passive. It won’t be written by marketers who broadcast message after message...
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Video: Vital statistics for B2B Marketers

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXQdy-22TXM Source: YouTube.com
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What are the implications of social media for B2B brand management?

As the new digital world embraces participation, openness, conversation, community and connectedness through social media, it brings new opportunities and challenges to B2B branding....
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Master Thesis: Social media in B2B branding

The thesis includes four interviews with social media experts, synthesised around brand management for B2B companies, where as the theoretical background is B2B brand management....
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Case study: ShipServ

ShipServ designed a social media strategy which evolved around using social media platforms as beacons to drive traffic to their main site, in order...
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Four Master Thesises on Social Media

During the research process I have discovered several useful master thesises on social media, both in relation to B2B and branding, as well as...
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B2B Branding Online: A Literature Review

During the autumn 2009 I conducted a literature review for my pre-diploma work on business-to-business branding online, which in my opinion has implications for...
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Lessons Learned From #IWExpo and #B2Bsm10

This week I spent two days in London at The Internet World Expo, and attended a seminar on Blogging and Twitter for B2B hosted...
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