Innlegg fra sint fisker (obs: sterke metaforer)

Dette måtte jeg bare legge ut; mange har sikkert hørt Atle Antonsens tolkning av et leserinnlegg fra en forbannet båtsfjording som hadde sett seg lei på samenes klaging. Denne gangen er det ikke samene som får unngjelde, det er “søringan”, men i samme leiet – om ikke hakket friskere. Faksimilen over er et svar til Fiskeridirektoratet etter pålegg om å installere noe utstyr i båten.

Kilde: Thomas @Roksoy

Four ways the iPhone changed my behaviour

It’s been a while since my previous post, and two significant things have changed since last time. The first and most important change is that I’ve got a job working with digital media for a a Norwegian savings bank, SpareBank 1 SMN. I will blog about that later. The second change is that I switched my old Nokia N82 for one of them iPhones.

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What are the implications of social media for B2B brand management?

As the new digital world embraces participation, openness, conversation, community and connectedness through social media, it brings new opportunities and challenges to B2B branding. It is not to suggest that social media will change how businesses do business, but it is another layer to brand management that needs to be treated different from traditional marketing efforts.

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Master Thesis: Social media in B2B branding

The thesis includes four interviews with social media experts, synthesised around brand management for B2B companies, where as the theoretical background is B2B brand management. Thought leaders of social media and branding in the online environment are currently doing their work out in the field, whilst the academics are lagging behind.

In order to shed some light on issues regarding how B2B companies should manage opportunities and challenges in the social media space, this master thesis seeks to address the topic by conducting an exploratory study on how B2B companies can utilise social media to enhance the brand.

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Case study: ShipServ

ShipServ designed a social media strategy which evolved around using social media platforms as beacons to drive traffic to their main site, in order to qualify the “readiness to buy” of the visitors by tracking and nurturing them with an automated marketing solution. Whilst their product is an innovative technological service, the target audience are conservative late adopters; the challenge ShipServ faced was solved by creating relationships with their target audience through multiple social networks backed by a high-quality content marketing strategy.

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