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Invision Blog: 3 ways to improve collaboration between designers and developers →

“These 3 lessons boil down to empathy, organization, and communication. The key with all of these: Make sure you’re in control of the execution of the final product. You want your vision to be realized, right? Do everything you can to equip your engineers with the right materials and knowledge so they can execute your vision perfectly — and so you end up with a kickass product.”

Over at the Invision Blog they’ve shared three ways to improve the collaboration between designers and developers. Collaborating closely within cross-funtional teams, the team will also be able to close the build-measure-learn loop in a shorter time span, which the lean startup theories suggest is a key factor to successful products.

Source: blog.invisionapp.com – 3 ways to improve collaboration between designers and developers 

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Political satire, Nintendo style: Super Trump Wall

“Do you love politics and patriotism? So do we! Welcome our political patriotism simulator: Super Trump Wall! Learn all about the fascinating politics of good ol’ Donald Trump as he keeps America safe from mexicans!”

So goes the introduction for “Super Trump Wall”, a satirical game where you play Donald Trump. Your objective is to build the wall of Mexico as high as possible, whilst at the same time keeping America safe from Mexicans. In that good old Ninento 8-bit gameplay and graphics. It’s hilarious.

You can enjoy the game in the browser (desktop) or download it for the “real Nintendo 8-bit experience” on your Windows PC.

“Super Trump Wall” is the second game my friend Anders has created after venturing into programming, the first one being “Fists of Zombie”. I expect there is more to come!

Play Super Trump Wall (browser or Windows PC)

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“50% of your customers want to bank with Amazon” – report from Qubit →

A report by CXM (Customer Experience Management, the new term for CMS-es) vendor Qubit outlines some of the challenges financial institutions face today, as the customers expectations for digital services are increasing dramatically.

Their survey states that 50 % of banking customers want to bank with Amazon. Whilst this isn’t happening just yet, Qubit recommends banks and financial institutions to learn from the biggest disruptors in order to create easy to use, tailored and personalised banking experiences.

You can download the report from qubit.com.

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Accenture Report on the Potential for B2B Social Media

The report presents the findings from a survey with more than 200 North American B2B companies with annual revenues of $1bn or more. The analysis of the results shows that whilst execs agree upon social media being an important mechanism to communicate with customers, partners and other stakeholders, few have really started leveraging social media to its full potential.

Accenture goes further on to outline recommendations for B2B companies wanting to enter the social media sphere, earlier outlined in the Social Media Management Handbook.

  • Make social media one of the cornerstones of your customer strategy.
  • Move from social media to “social CRM.”
  • Measure social media’s effectiveness.
  • Adopt a highly flexible and iterative approach to social media implementation.
  • Invest in the right technologies.
  • Achieve organizational buy-in.

They further goes on to conclude that there is large opportunities for first-mover advantage for B2B companies in the social media space.

(Download no longer available)

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A No-Bullshit Lecture on B2B Branding

Scot McKee is the managing director of a B2B branding agency who believe in creative branding for B2B companies. McKee is the author of the unconventional marketing book Creative B2B Branding (no, really), where he takes the boring lot of B2B brands by it’s horns, which is the focal point of this lecture; he speaks about how new digital media changes everything for B2B Brands, and he presents different B2B branding cases of different sizes with different impact. The University, where he held his lecture, didn’t want it’s name associated with the video nor the slides of his lecture because they didn’t want to locate their brand  “next to the deliberately provocative brand image he presents”.

Video source: Youtube.com

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Innlegg fra sint fisker (obs: sterke metaforer)

Leserinnlegg fra sint fisker

Dette måtte jeg bare legge ut; mange har sikkert hørt Atle Antonsens tolkning av et leserinnlegg fra en forbannet båtsfjording som hadde sett seg lei på samenes klaging. Denne gangen er det ikke samene som får unngjelde, det er “søringan”, men i samme leiet – om ikke hakket friskere. Faksimilen over er et svar til Fiskeridirektoratet etter pålegg om å installere noe utstyr i båten.

Kilde: Thomas @Roksoy

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“It starts by not focusing on the tools and the tactics, but focusing on what is it that you really want to get out of using social media. So at the end of three months, at the end of six months or a year and then three years, which is probably pushing it, but just to frame the conversation around; what is the business objective that you’re trying to solve or you’re trying to realise by offering social media.”

— Mike Rowland, Impact Interactions (Source: Social Media in B2B Branding)

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